Rodney Shepherd, M.A., LPC


Rodney Shepherd is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Founder of Wisdom Counseling, LLC, and Founder of What the World Expects® (Panel that presents practical life teachings for high school seniors). Rodney graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in Family Studies followed by a master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas.

Rodney has worked in education for over a decade serving adolescents by helping them prepare for life beyond secondary education. His standards and morals are rooted in biblical truth, and his willingness to love and relate to others correlates with his desire to love and relate to God. His empathetic approach to therapy allows him to show compassion towards anyone, regardless of their circumstances. Rodney’s primary goal is to uplift people to a better state than they were in, from the time they cross paths.

Outside of his professional life, Rodney enjoys spending time with his wife of over 15 years, Kendra, and their three sons, Nathan, Ethan, and Jonathan. 

His Professional Affiliations Include:

  • Lone Star State School Counseling Association
  • Psychology Today
  • Texas Counseling Association
  • Black Men Therapists
  • Therapist Community
  • SonderMind Network

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