A-M.E.S.S (The Simple Rule of 5)

Lindsey Best

Mar 1, 2021

Do you ever feel like life is a mess or you are a hot mess?

Well, you are not alone. Life can be messy; it can seem like your days are filled with Hectic Overwhelming Tasks that never seem to end.

Messy Kitchen

The simple rule of five can help you maintain or manage mental and physical health. A.M.E.S.S is an easy acronym to remind yourself to take control over what you can do to make life a little less messy.

Activate your body!

The longer your body is stagnant, the longer it feels lethargic. I am not telling you to go run a marathon but exercise; even a small amount helps. Exercise releases happy juice in your brain that helps fight stress. Park in the furthest parking spot, take the stairs, dance around your living room, or play with your pet. Try increasing your heart rate throughout the day by doing squats, stretches, jumping jacks, or walking 100 steps. Increasing oxygen intake improves blood flow which fuels your body and brain.

Medication if you need it.

Not everyone needs medication, but if you do take it! It does not matter what the medication is for; take it as prescribed, be consistent, and do not stop without consulting your doctor first. Think of medication as a helper. Medication does not usually fix a problem all on its own.

Eat nutritious food.

Fueling your body also fuels your brain. There are a certain number of calories needed for activities of daily living. This number is different for everyone. It's not just what you put into your body that matters, but also how much and how often. Eating a fast-food meal once a day will give you more calories than you need, but nutritionally it is just junk. Eating frequent, healthy, and balanced meals will kick your body and brain into action.

Stress management.

Although stress cannot kill you, it can lead to physical illness and problems stabilizing your mood. Stress hormones flood the brain and cause brain fog, low energy, appetite changes, inability to stabilize mood, and sleep problems. The stronger the stress, the harder it is to problem solve. The longer the stress is not dealt with, the worse it gets. Learning to identify, problem solve, and cope with stress can help keep life manageable.

Sleep well.

Poor sleep makes the body lethargic, brain foggy, and your mood grumpy. The amount of sleep needed differs. On average an adult needs between 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Sleep is when your brain downloads everything your five senses have experienced throughout the day, processes your thoughts, and repairs your body.

When you feel like a hot mess, life is a mess, relationships are a mess, or your job is a mess; check A.M.E.S.S. and see what is out of whack. Just FYI when one of these goes the rest will follow suit. There is a saying that you can change a mess into a message. If you can manage a mess then you can add the A.G.E.: Accomplishment, Gratitude, and Enjoyment.

Written by:

Lindsey Best


Mar 1, 2021


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