Marissa Myers, LPC

Marissa Myers

Just as sometimes people get sick and need to visit a doctor, sometimes people get depressed or anxious, or just need help navigating the many and varied challenges of life, and need to visit a therapist.  It takes courage and determination to reach out for help, and I hope that I can help.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in practice for six years, treating a wide range of issues to include depression, anxiety, chronic pain, chronic mental illness, addiction and recovery, LGBTQI, crisis intervention, trauma and PTSD.  I have experience with both individual and group therapy.

My approach to therapy is that the therapeutic relationship is more important than any technique or method.  When two people form a strong therapeutic relationship built on mutual respect and trust in a judgment-free zone, any issue can be effectively managed.  However, I do employ a variety of methods and techniques as needed in practice.  Particular areas of focus include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, desensitization, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, and trauma-focused therapy; but I have no aversion to pulling any technique from any discipline if it is what the client needs.  There are some presenting concerns which may require more specialized treatment, and in those cases I would be glad to provide a referral to a colleague with experience in those issues.

It is a great privilege to be allowed into someone’s private experience.  I will do all I can to be worthy of that privilege.

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