Patricia Reichert, LPC-S

Patricia Reichert

Because you’ve experienced difficult life circumstances—traumas, transitions, emotional and behavioral difficulties or dysregulation, perhaps painful relationships; you may feel weary, hopeless, helpless, anxious or afraid. You may not acknowledge your resiliency or recognize the courage and strength within you to overcome your challenges because stress has blurred your vision and depleted your hope and confidence. Through the process of identifying, expanding, and utilizing one’s personal strengths and skills, life-enhancing change and confidence is within reach.

Art, as well as outdoor adventuring, has taught me the value of a creative, holistic approach to tackling challenges and building confidence. I am not a stranger to adversity. I now understand fear and courage are not mutually exclusive. My journey inspires me to utilize a compassionate, non-judgmental lens through which I may perceive and honor your personal wisdom, strength, and skills in order to encourage and support you as you navigate your own challenging adventure. I have 20+ years of therapy experience and tons of energy for helping.
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