Quinteisha Hundley


The therapist works from a Narrative therapy basis, which means that therapy works to identify heavy storylines that lead clients to harbor negative feelings, playing out scenarios in a negative way, and creating harmful feelings toward themselves. The therapist “co-creates” the client’s new reality, choosing from a number of storylines that the client is in control of choosing. This empowers the client to acknowledge previous storylines as possibilities to learn from. 

The therapist has a straightforward, non-judgmental disposition that is balanced with empathy and strategic planning. The therapist also holds a systemic client-centered perspective, which means the client and therapist work to understand that the client is influenced by the many “systems” in their life, such as work, family, and friends, etc. The client will gain the necessary tools to emerge into their new constructed reality alongside their previously established “systems”, while involving a larger social context as being important resources in solving life’s problems.

Therapy sessions are 60 minutes, with the first two sessions involving the therapist “learning the client”, gaining context surrounding the clients issues and gaining any necessary assessments. The third session is where the client and therapist do what look most like “therapy” to others, which includes assigning experiential homework, worksheets, and in-session exercises. The therapist will also equip the client with skills to aid them in an applicable scenario. Upon request, the therapist will recommend literature and resources for the client based on their preferences and personal demeanor. 

My areas of experience and expertise with adults, children, and families include: sexual abuse trauma, marriage counseling, couples therapy, individual therapy, co-therapy, career counseling, collegiate issues, self-esteem, LGBTQ issues, family therapy, parenting stress, stress management, depression, suicide intervention, anxiety management, group therapy, faith & spirituality, and grief & loss. 

x, Licensed Professional Counselor, Monroe, LA, 71201 | Psychology Today

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