Tips for Staying Mentally Well During COVID-19

Deborah Farbarik

Jul 24, 2020

Take Care of You:

Practice meditating for 5 minutes each day by finding a quiet area, listening to calming music or app (e.g. Calm app), gazing at fixed object (e.g. battery-operated candle), reciting positive affirmations, giving your mind the permission to take a break of worrisome thoughts.
Exercise for at least 5-10 minutes daily (e.g. Push-ups; Running in place/Sprints; going for a walk; jump roping; lifting weights; exercise equipment; Sit ups; Jumping jacks, etc.)
Stretching/ Yoga daily for 2-5 minutes
Getting at least 8 hours of sleep
Plan ways to eat healthier.


Engage and Connect Wisely:

While maintaining social distance, use technology (e.g. Facetime) to stay connected with people in your life.
Call or write a letter to a loved one, family member, or friend to check in on them and let them know you care about them and their emotional well-being.
Facetime a loved one or friends and join them in watching a movie together or celebrating a special occasion.
Pull out Boardgames, puzzles, card games, for family night of entertainment.
Revisit happy memories by creating online photo album to share with loved ones and friends.
Learn or Do something New:

Learn a new hobby (e.g. search websites, YouTube, etc.)
Karaoke, dance party  or scavenger hunt with family.
Plant a garden, tree, plant, flowers.
Make a Peace/Faith Rock (using paint to write a word of kindness).
Read a book, listen to a book online, join a book club.
Listen to new genres of music.
Learn how to draw/ paint/ art crafts/ sewing face masks.

Written by:

Deborah Farbarik


Jul 24, 2020


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