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In the age of electronics, kids are spending a lot more time on the newest and latest devices compared to their adult counterparts.  But did you know that the effects on children with electronics are significantly more damaging than on adults?  Being on electronics can have a negative impact on behaviors in children, ranging from oppositional and defiant behaviors to depression and anxiety.  It can also damage all aspects of their development ranging from their thought processes and physical and social development.  Because of being on electronic devices, there is a significant decrease in academic performance, increased isolation, obesity, irregular sleep schedules, violence, and less time for play.

Did you know?????? 

Children as young as 3 years old are getting electronics.  This is through communications by texts, video games, Twitter, Snapchat

22% of teenagers log onto their social media accounts more than 10 times per day

The average age for getting a cell phone is 6 years old

YouTube is the most popular site for kids

18% of kids 8-11 years old have a social profile

99% of 12–15-years-old are online 20+ hours per week

So, as a parent in the digital world, what can you do to help your child?

  1. Be a friend of theirs on social media
  2. Know your child and spend 10 min per day exploring their world
  3. Set a no-screen time after a certain time.
  4. Develop digital citizenship where the child does not talk to strangers, does not cyberbully, and does not share personal information
  5. Develop an agreement and/or contract 
  6. Talk to a therapist for additional strategies and/or interventions

If you continue to struggle with electronic/screen time with your child or you recognize some behavioral concerns know that we are here to help.  Please call 210-614-4990 for further assistance.