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World Kindness Day 11/13/2021

World Kindness Day, is an international opportunity to focus on how important it is to be kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world. The intention is to encourage and inspire individuals to demonstrate kindness, that promotes unity amongst everyone around the world, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality, politics or any other differences that we may have. 

This day was created by an international non-governmental organization, called the World Kindness Movement (WKM), in 1997 at a conference in Tokyo. Since then, the WKM has worked to bring their message of kindness to all, in hopes of creating a kinder world, and connection nations. 

In a world where many are focused on daily tasks such as work, school, daily commute and other responsibilities, this day encourages us to create the space to do something small for others that can have a big impact on their day, mind, heart and mood. When time is taken out to be kind to self or others, it can have a tremendous positive affect on the mental health of everyone involved.        November 13th is also an opportunity to highlight acts of kindness that are already done on a daily basis, and inspire us to make everyday a kindness day. 

Ways to Practice Kindness

  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Give a stranger a compliment
  • Volunteer
  • Treat a friend or a coworker to a cup of coffee
  • Wave hello to a neighbor
  • Donate to a homeless/pet shelter
  • Tell a friend or family member that you love them
  • Offer to help someone with a task
  • Send a kind note or message to someone you care about
  • Be kind to yourself, by having grace with yourself 

How Does Kindness Affect Your Mental Health?

  • Reduces symptoms of depression
  • Increases empathy
  • Enhances feelings of gratitude
  • Facilitates the creation of a more positive outlook
  • Increases self-esteem

By: Nuala Martinez


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